Homebrewed Cards

I started in 2013 to paint cards for A:NR  and other LCGs as a occasional exercise to practice my general outlining and also as a way not to throw away the stuff I use for painting or sketching. If you are interested in get some of them or commission some special art for your favourite cards, just send me and email to flatline.efe[x]gmail.com! You can take a look to some of the designs commissioned or available following the FB link or in the Slideshow at your right.


Alterations are painted by hand directly over the cards. This is made by a process of mixed techniques, including Acrylics, Markers and Oils, to ensure the durability of them. Usually the cards does not increase considerably their thickness, so you can even include them in your deck.


Upcycled Cards

Upcycled cards are a different approach to custom cards. The idea is to use some different materials that we’re not using, as repeated cards, pictures, stickers or anything that does not have now an use, mixing them to create cards that after that process will have some new value. In this case, that includes 3D cards, Collages and some Alternativ Art IDs. Due the size of the cards, I’d not recommend them to include into the deck. That’s why IDs suit perfectly for this purpose.


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