Blueberry Spoilers! – NISEI’s Downfall Community Week

“When the past is always with you, it may as well be present; and if it is present, it will be future as well.” – Neuromancer

Hello everyone! Runner’s time for some spoilers!

I’m really happy to be part of NISEI’s Community week, bringing you some of the new tools you’ll have to blow up some servers! The work NISEI is doing is simply amazing and I’m happy to put my part to support them. The Lord Whizzard would be proud!


Ok, to the point. Are you worried about asset spam? Struggling to keep the rhythm hacking those remotes? You’ll find a for sure a good friend in Demolisher!

“The Matrix has its roots in primitive Netrunner games,’ said the voice-over, ‘in early graphics programs and trashing experimentation with viruses and recurrent credits.” – Whizzard

But let’s talk about now about our dessert! Looking for something to refresh your grip and feel the blue taste of card control? Bored of just drawing cards? Blueberry Diesel is what you’re looking for!

“The sky above the port was the color of blueberries, tuned to a dead channel.”  – Mr. Li after some Diesels

Personally, I’m looking forward to try the new Diesel. Even when I’m pretty happy about the console, I think that the Blueberry flavour should add some interesting speed to the blue hackers. And even more personally, I like the reference to that classic card from the Core set. Diesel and all its flavours are here to stay.

Which one would you include in your nexts brews?

No matter what your answer is, remember that he and NISEI will be at your side!



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