Berlin Double Play: A non-Tournament Report.

Saturday, 10th of February: the Netrunner’s community tournament arrives again, been already stablished as one of the Netrunner traditions of the year. It’s amazing to see new and old friends, and this year it was specially important, as this year marks the first of the game without the official support by FFG.  I must say that I’m pretty impressed and more optimistic than I though when the official announce came out.

There was so much Netrunner going on. Even more alive than in Mumbad Cycle!

But we’re not here to speak about the state of the game. Honestly, not been really updated to the meta, it’s hard for me to give an accurate appreciation of it…and Crowfunding is restricted now, anyways 🙂 I hated that card every single match.
We’re going to talk about one of the most amazing aspects of the Netrunner community: the artists that make this game colorful and exciting.

I had a blast with the games at the event, but the thing I liked the most was the opportunity to find out some of the new Art in the net. One of the prizes I got was this amazing interpretation of Rebirth.

I just hope one day we’ll see Noise saying the same. #sadvirus

I think that also Altered Cards are an important part of player’s identities. The ones from Yakuza are almost a classic for the European Community. I like from theirs that the material feels so different than a normal printed card, and the elegance of his designs brings something different to the table. His printed cards have also a powerful variety of colours, making them pretty distinctive across the table, one of the problems you can have using alternative art cards.


One of the other surprises for me was this quite minimalistic approach to the ID’s. Made by Owen Sinodov, the best of them are that they’re double sided, so you can just flip them for different decks or just spare some time looking for some of them after Rebirth.


Pommes’s cards have very interesting different. I liked a lot the neat and clean design of his. The reference to the metal bands are between my favourites. Simply and exact. The others, taking ideas from the community itself, reflects the identity that Netrunner have found in its players.


And then, if it wasn’t enought, flip that Outfit. What a neat surprise!


I’m looking forward now for our Store Championship and the new cards that we’ll see there. I’ll keep you updated!


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