The Card Cutter #3 – Hacked Datapack

Hello everyone and welcome to our regular appointment at the Card Cutter’s table!

I got the Netrunner fever back, and along came the last cycle’s datapacks nocking at the door. As soon as I opened the box in the box in the box in the box that the Postman delivered, I was stunned by the amazing art that this cycle gives us…and the incredible opportunity to bring some of it directly to our third evening together 😉

Oh. New cards. New spare cards.

So, what should you bring? Get the freshest-Datapack in town or the one you like the most. I judge just by the covers. But the ID included is also a good criteria.

Then, let’s make some basic objectives. We’ll use this amazing piece of art to get us a nice but simple Alternative ID. We’ll speak about it later. The back will be a nice variation for a deckbacker, like the ones from this old article. We could say, mini-faction’s deckbacker. And the spare IDs we kindly get from FFG are going to be really slashed (really) to meditate some hours elaborating a 3D card with some nice amount of layers. Like a  Cake.

Diagram of the structure of an homemade 3D card.

Let’s do then fundamentals: grab a coffee. Put everything on the table and pretend for some minutes while drinking the coffein’s elixir.

Put some glue on a spare card and find a nice position for the picture. Take care on not having text inside. Really. If not, it would look just like a cheap ad. We’ll do the same with the back. Spare card. Glue. Together.

This is your best friend for details. The one you never had at school. But the old white cheap glue is better for big surfaces.

Then put both under the pile of boardgames that you collected but don’t play because of time. For sure it will be heavy enough to keep the cards nicely flat and make them stick good. Or under any other pile. But boardgames are quite nice for that.

Let them rest a bit. We’ll come back to them later.


Now we really need to cut. So grab another coffee to keep a steady hand. We are going to use a spare card as base (like the base on the cake’s picture), and define some layers from both of the spare ID’s from the pack. The more the layers, the tastier the cake. The card.

The important point is now, to fill the gaps, that we’re going to have because of the layers, with cake cream, so it won’t lose size and looks depressing. Or in card’s language: Take pieces of spare cards to fill those gaps. Beware of showing them too much: if you realize that you’re only eating cream, the magical lie of the cake will vanish. Forever.

The top layer of the card will be added cutting another ID from the same Faction. Carefully we’re going to extract some details to put on the top. As cherries. Or nuts. But no more cream.

Under the pile!

Woa. That should take a while. Then you can replace the other cards under the pile for this, to let it stick together, rest, and hopefully, not stick to the pile.


For the Alternative ID, Kabonesa was a perfect candidate. Not because I really don’t like the art and the combination of colours, but….Yeah. Well.

Kabonesa. Take the problem out. Glue. Stick. Cake. Pile.


IMG_20180312_112606.jpgAnd for the back, nothing new. Cut, cut, glue, complain about the rounded form of the center, cut, cut. Glue. Pile. I think that the final result is interesting but it’s missing some kind of element which could be attractive, for example, a different tone of highlight. I’ll take the card some other day to the painting session to see if something can be done with it 🙂

So finally! Take everything from under the pile! You are ready to go outside and share with the other kids your new toys to run the net!


Or you can have a run in 🙂

…But with some nice cards taking the sun on your table! Have a good one and see you again next month for a new meeting at the Card Cutter’s kitchen!



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