The Card Cutter #2 – Old loved cards

Looking with some nostalgia a good excuse to meet your old loved rotated cards for your romantic February 13th‘s evening? If that’s the case, The Card Cutter brings you the best excuse to spread on to the table your classic but useless stuff!

You have for sure tons of cards that you’ll never never again use. Don’t be so cruel and leave them in the box. Really. No card deserves that.

But first, oh, nostalgia, put the best hits from your aunt’s party and some cards that you could take from your oldest brother’s collection.

And really. Put some hits. Just for the inspiraaaaaaaaaaation.

(But in this case, I took mines 🙂 Thanks FFG. You give me always nice stuff to work.

After having some nice good old fashion dance, we should select at least three cards to brew three-layered cards. You can go up on the number of cards but that really depends on you. As you add more layers, the final result can have a lot more details but your family will really start to worry about why you are not leaving the room in so many days.

So let’s have an example for a three layered one and no complains from our relatives.


In this case, we chosed an ID, a card that we’ll miss and…another card. Oh, we’ll miss Deja Vu. Ah, Deja Vu.

I should start crying now.



The result should be interesting, giving some nice variation to the regular ID background. I would recommend some cards that have matching colours, but you can take that and throw it into the garbage. An then blame the music.








Here you have another example: Leela, Account Siphon and…yeah. Another card.IMG_20180212_235715



That’s a pretty decent first try.  You can notice that the layers sometimes leave us with some small spaces where the different layout are not matching completely. That could be solved pretty easily with some more layers, taking elements from different cards or just using some painting to cover them up.

Do you want to know how we solved it?

We’ll leave you with the question for our second part of this article coming soon this week! 😉


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