The Card Cutter #1 – Storage Box


It’s Saturdat 13th and this 2018, we thank you for all the positive feedback from last year sharing an evening full of homemade upgrades for your cardgame collection: Welcome to first entry of our Card Cutter!


Today’s specialty is one of the favourites, the classics! A storage solution for your FFG cardgames, which will be a always needed item in your shelf.

What we will need:

  • Two akwardly flat boxes (in this case, AH ones, but L5R, Revised Netrunner LCG work also perfectly).
  • Papercutter or scissors. I prefer the cutters over the scissors because they give you the feeling of working in an operation. And also they could be more precise. But you can choose whatever you want besides your favourite butter knife.
  • Glue. Take the one from your little brother’s art class. It’s completely optional if you cut really precise. (then honestly, bring the glue).
  • Old brush. We will pretend that we’re profis trying not to get our hands all covered in glue using this tool.
  • Ruler. It will help us to cut decently straight and not get frustrated with lines.

The Cut 1:  We’ll take one of the bottom parts and we’ll unbottom it. That’s right.
un-bottom the bottom part, which will give us you a “part” without bottom, which we’ll name “infinite part”.

It’s almost already done.

But we’re not lazy, are we? The Cut 2 is to take from dissectionated bottom two pieces which we’ll use as walls for the box, to unite the “infinite part” with the other bottom part. We need to close the infinite.

It’s important in this stage to match the outside layout of the box. For example, you can follow the stars’s patterns to do it. Really, that’s not a joke. Or not do it at all, the upper part will be covered anyway when the box is closed.
And even more important: The “walls” we’re getting now are going to be shorter, so try not to lose too many millimeters while cutting them.

Cool. At this point it’s pretty almost already done.
But we’ll do a bit more, no?

Then we’ll take one of the upper parts for our Cut 3. This one is more interesting because it has some nice pictures that we could use later, along with a lot of nice positioned “Arkham Horror” logos. We’ll do the same, cutting the “bottom” again. We’ll try to keep as untouched as possible the sides to use them later, having in mind that the extract will be a bit wider and we should anyway take some millimeters from it.

From the extract we’ll have the other two sides of the box. Those are going to be the “long” sides, which are the sides that will shape the box even without glue. Really, if you cut them pretty precise, you could give your little brother his glue without even opening it.
But we don’t want to do that.

So we’ll glue everything 🙂 I could have taken photos of this part, but despite the old brush, my hands were to sticky to even think about taking the camera. Sorry. But you just take the glue and put it everywhere with the brush. It’ll do the magic. 

Trust me.

We’re already one step away from being quite almost ready!
Now we need to create some separation for the cards. I prefer to have three of them, but it’s really on each person. For the three-space thing, we’ll cut some millimeters of the two “Arkham Horror” sides to make them fit into the box. A tight fit would be perfect, to spare little brother´s glue.

Oh, the box is ready.
But we have some rests!

I really liked the Cultist Priest which is on one of the box’s sides. As I’m currently showing the games to some friends, and we’re playing a lot the Core Set Escenarios, I thought that it would be useful to have a Proper Cultist Token.
And also some “Extra” token for random use.
Additionally, a small pot for the tokens is always useful.


And yes, the blox closes. Really, like any other box.

I think we spent already some nice time with the box. Now comes the best part…let’s take everything out of it to have some games!

Thanks a lot and see you next 13th for another episode of The Card Cutter!


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