Come back to Rokugan – A brief L5R photo report

Saturday 11th of November.  The store Brettspielgeschäfft in Berlin was holding its first “Launch Event Party” for L5R. We were preparing this tournament since a couple of weeks with Carlos and Jupp from the store, while Bene and I were helping as L5R LCG enthusiasts. It was our first real attempt to build a community, that’s why everyone of us were pretty excited.

From new players, just unpacking their core set a few minutes before the tournament, to old players with their classic honor-counters, everyone had a blast. I think that the atmosphere was full of the Five Rings vibe. Everyone was willing to teach or hold a long but friendly first game with the newest players, but also some of the more experienced players had the chance to fight in the whole terms of the game.

I think that the pause had also this vibe. Jupp, from the Brettspielgeschäfft, surprised everyone with sushi for the hungry samurais after two rounds of playing. We could not thank enough the nice work and how well they treated us.

The L5R Release Party was exactly that. A party not just for old and new players, but also for us as organizers and for the staff from the store. As I said, the day was full of the L5R vibe. Rokugan was there for a day, and everyone enjoyed it.


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