The joy of painting

This week we bring you something different: an alternative to card altering: Today our dear Réne speaks about paints, brushes and miniatures, but also about enjoying not just the game itself, but the process around it.

With all the hype around the new edition of Blood Bowl I decided to give it a try. Having only played on the computer for years I of course skipped the whole painting your minis issue. 15 years ago I had my try with GW Orcs and Goblins…I was too young and there were just too many…so basically I never played and never finished painting them.18110855_10207974364790116_2001580630_n

Being a married man now with a job and a functioning social life I just thought that I just go through the act of painting as it is a thing that in my point of you has to be done. By myself of course because it is my team.


And I love it…

It is now my new favorite zen moment in a week of stress and routines. Getting something done offline and creating something nice for myself and getting feedback from my playgroup for it is so relaxing. My skills enhance with each mini. I have discussions about paints, techniques and how to best convert with Efe and the others. Which is different from the usual gamer topics (deck building, strategy etc.). You try to create something which is pleasant for the eye. You want it to look good. The stats of a mini do not change if it is painted well, but the feeling is different. And with the rule in Blood Bowl you do not give the opposing team a free reroll for non-painted minis you have at least a little in-game benefit.

The Blood Bowl community in the net is great. It is inspiring to just look at all the individual conversions and awesome paintjobs. I was flashed on how open the leagues are for non-GW minis.

Having written this I am currently more into painting than actually playing the game. Concentration is the key. Cut off your phone and net. Find yourself a decent workspace and get going. There will be days you just want to do the easy work. Apply base colors, vanish or just put minis together. Some days you want to do conversions and the details. Surrender to your mood. I always have different projects in different stages to just select from them adjusting to my personal timetable.

So managing yourself without having to look at the timetable of your playgroup is a big plus. And far better than just wasting your time watching TV.

My recommendation for starting:

Brush for base colors/vanish

Medium brush for bigger things

Detail brush for the obvious

Sand or grass for bases

Glue / plastic the Revell is nice for metal I use a 2 component glue

Hobby knife and thongs

White/black for foundation (I do not use the spray cans…)

Your favorite colors

Non-shiny vanish

Shades (I use Earth shade for dirty look and Nuln oil for strong black contrast both from GW)


Just get started…no matter your skill level…your minis will always look better painted then unpainted.

“Every journey begins with a single step. Step well, and your journey will be filled with fortune. Step poorly, and it will be wrought with disaster.” The Tao of Shinsei (Legend of the Five Rings)

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