Back to Netrunner: Easter 3D Deckbackers

Oh, fellow runners.

A new Most Wanted List. Rotation coming soon. Easter Holidays.

Time to get back to Netrunner.

That could sound like a really bad haiku,but it’s the hard reality of thousand cards taking an important space on my desktop. I’ll deckbuild again, play some games soon! But…what to do with those nice DDOS that now cost 3 extra Influence? Where do I put all the (soon) rotating cards?

Today’s exercise is the perfect one to start crafting your own alternative art cards: 3D Identity’s Deckbackers. With the help of some few elements I can promise that you’ll never suffle again your pretty ID in the wrong deck. Honestly, you’ll never suffle it again. Not at all.


Time needed: one episode of Iron Fist.

Ingredients: Datapack insert, some cutters, spare cards. You don’t need the ink,but it wanted to be part of the picture. And yeah, my table is a mess.
Also, you’ll need a small amount of glue. The “GLUE” glue is very good. An old brush can help you to work with it. And a big coup of coffee. That’s why it’s on the center.

So, the main idea is to came out with something like this:


For that kind of effect we’ll need to cut some layers, starting from a whole card to end with the smallest details. The back’s design from Netrunner is pretty cool for that, because it’s quite square and won´t give us too many chances to screw everything. IMHO a “cool” number of layers is 4, but that depends really on you. More layers means more time but also the “3D” feeling will be deeper.

So, those are the layers I use for this one:

I used in addition the back of the insert as a background to replace the red one from the original design.

After you have all the layers you want to use, it’s time to stick everything together with glue. I don’t think that I need to make an emphasis, but check if every layer is in order before using the glue. If you’re mixing draft packs, cards with different languages or those horribly-printed promos from FFG, make sure that everything fits. Please.

And that’s it! Put it under the collection of Netrunner cards you never used and the ones you’ll never use. That will be for sure enough weight to make your card really solid.

Not enough action for your holidays? Why just a Deckbacker, when you can customize your own 3D Identity?

This is SO “3D” that my cell’s camera can’t make proper pictures of it.

You’ll finally have a reason to put all those old cards out of the box! Next time we’ll check the 3D Id’s making off, with some nice tips to get the best of your creativity into the collage world.

Have a nice Easter!

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