A:NR Greek Nationals: A report by Marsellus

Marsellus is one of the members of the Hamburg’s community in Germany. We thank him this report and also Kelfecil from Eurogrid for the pictures. Enjoy!

On the 18th of October the Greek Nationals took place in the beautiful city of Athens. I had spent five months in Izmir, Turkey, in a semester abroad and I planned my return in such a way, that I could participate in the tournament. I haven’t had cards in hand since I left Germany in May, but I played regularly online on OCTGN in order to stay up to date with the meta and new data packs.

Marsellus enjoying the Greek experience.

I left Izmir on Friday, the 16th of October and after one hour flight arrived in Athens. Via Facebook I organised myself a place to sleep at George’s place, a fellow Netrunner player. I was warmly welcomed and we spent the evening talking about Netrunner, the political situation in Greece and a lot of other stuff. Saturday morning I met Laurie and Zach for a free guided city tour. The two came from the UK to play in the tournament as well and we spent a couple of awesome hours together. Athens is a truly beautiful city and certainly worth a visit.

On Sunday it was then time to play! The event took place in a nice hotel in Athens and before the start there was enough time to talk with all the people and linking names to faces. As usual, the community turned out to be awesome and people were more than happy to talk to people from outside the Greek meta. Eventually, it was time for the first round and my opponent was a strong one: Laurie from the UK.

He won the coin toss and picked to play Corp first: NEH. I put my Noise on the table and the game began. I got a little lucky and could steal both a Breaking News and a Project Beale from a remote, because I had the right answers (D4v1d and Faust) in hand. However, NEH is NEH and Laurie scored three points as well. I got a little lucky and stole an Astroscript from Archives (which was the only hidden card). However, Laurie scored an Astro, so it was 5-5. The next agenda would decide the game. At that point in the game, I trusted my instincts and ran a newly installed naked remote which turned out to be the winning Project Beale! Phew, an intense game with the better end for me. The other game was very fast after we switched sides. Within the first 12 cards six agendas were to be found, such that a Legwork and a Maker’s Eye sealed the deal for Laurie in four or five turns. Still, a 2-2 against a strong player in round 1 is an absolutely decent start.

In the next round I began with Noise again, this time against TWIY*. After my opponent had 20+ credits after three or four turns, I was fairly certain he would play a Midseason PsychoBeale/Kill-deck. So I concentrated on milling him and whenever I ran his servers, I made sure I had an Imp available so that I could trash his agendas rather than stealing them. This worked out tremendously well, so I won that game comparatively easy. My Titan had a decent start and could rush out agendas behind Mother Goddess quite fast and the game was over in less than 10 turns with an agenda point victory for me.

Round number 3 saw me beginning with Noise against HB:EtF. In this game, my addition of Spooned to the deck really paid off and I could trash a Tollbooth in a remote and prevent HB from building a scoring server. I also won 2 out of 2 Psi games, which further simplified matters. At the end, Noise just leveraged his dominant control position and won from deep digging R&D with a loaded Medium. My Titan deck played against another Noise and the game went similar to the previous round. Without an early Faust, Noise is very vulnerable to rushing, particularly when you can chain the Project Atlases with impunity. So another 4-0, which put me in the top-group with an overall score of 10-2 after three rounds.

Unfortunately, my luck stopped in round 4. I played Noise again and he had a terrific draw and threatened all the nasty things right from the start. There was hardly anything I could’ve done against that. What’s worse, my Noise got flatlined in turn 3, after my opponent drew just the perfect starting hand for a butcher shop, including Midseason Replacements, Breaking News, Traffic Accidents… At least the game was over fast enough for me to relax a little and prepare for the final two rounds. Still, everything was possible, particularly due to my good strength of schedule.

Marsellus und Kelfecil showing some attitude during the tournament.

In the second-to-last round my Noise played against Turtleback NEH. This turned out to be a very long game and I was lucky, that my opponent could not find his Astroscripts. Unfortunately, he shut down the centrals quite hard, so it was hard for me to attack these servers. So I sped up and milled as much as I could. At the end, I won because I drew my second Clot right in time, such that NEH had to waste a turn purging counters, which allowed me to mill the remaining cards and win. My Titan then played the fourth Noise in a row. I was able to rush one Atlas behind Mother Goddess, but the Oaktown I installed after this got stolen. So I Oversight AI’d a Curtain Wall, and installed an Atlas behind, as my opponent only had 1 card in hand and three hidden ones on Street Peddler. Unfortunately one of those turned out to be a D4v1d, so the Atlas got stolen and I eventually lost the game. So I needed a 4-0 in the last round to still have a slim chance for the top 8.

My Noise began against HB:EtF and had a great start. I could put pressure on all his servers, had established Wyldside and Pancakes and got a decent economy by recurring Caches and pawning them. Against this efficiency, HB was chanceless, so 2-0. My Titan then faced Kate and I could rush to 5 points quite fast. However, also Kate got lucky in R&D so it was even. At the end, it came to a race: Would I find my Fast Advance pieces in time before Kate steals the winning agenda? The answer was no, so I split again and finished the tournament with 14-10 points ranked 12th. One more victory would in fact have gotten me into the Top-Cut, as my opponent score was sufficiently large, so it was a quite close call.

Despite missing my goal of reaching the top 8, the tournament was a superb thing! The community was incredibly friendly and hospitable and, as mentioned before, Athens is a beautiful city. I can definitely recommend this tournament as part of a nice city tour J I will certainly try to come back here again. For those interested, behind the following links you will find the decklists I played:

1441 – Titan Transnational

Spoony Noise

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