Flatline meets Prozz, winner of the Polish National Championship

Here at The Flatline we are more than happy to present our first (of many, I hope) interview, where you’ll have the chance to meet and have some words from some interesting members of the Netrunner Community. Just before Worlds, here comes the man who took the Polish National Championship with Weyland: Prozz. Respect!

We want to thank also Maciej Chomik who allow us to use his pictures for this interview.

Prozz holding the National Champion’s Trophy. 

F: Could you introduce yourself to the NR Community? How did you start with the game?

I played old Netrunner for a week, and then abandoned it for Magic, as it seemed complicated back then. After years, when I heard about the reboot, I was curious about what kind of game was that. I was hooked instantly.

F: What are the things that catch you about NR? Which ones are the problems you can see in the game right now, after four complete cycles?

I like really clever game mechanic, especially accessing cards and asymmetrical gameplay, also there is a lot of bluff which is fun. The only problem I can see now is the entry cost for new players, as people’s mentality usually is to complete all the cards that are out and it gets more expensive with each pack.

F: Which ones are you favourite factions and why?

I’m playing any faction really. I found out that I tend to tilt after runner steals my first Astro or after loosing with 6 points vs bloody astrotrain. So I guess I like every one of them, but NBN.

Prozz during the tournament, using the MetaArena playmat designed by Efe from The Flatline.

F: You took the Polish National Championship using Argus Security and Noise. Specially about Weyland there’s a big discussion about the competitivity of the faction. Could you tell us about your deck decisions and about the polish meta?
My deck was designed to rush agendas asap. People wasn’t prepared for that and made some painful mistakes. Weyland is not a lot worse than other factions, you just need to find a good combination of cards that work inside your meta. You cannot be prepared for everything, so it’s possible to counter some common archetypes with unusual builds. At the time there were
a lot of Anarchs and Kates, so Chronos Projects and quick agenda scores combined with backup Scorched Earth did the job. A lot of polish players love to experiment and make unusual splashes, so it’s always exciting to play in the tournament here.

F: Now that you’re going to Worlds, how do you prepare for that tournament? What do you expect there?

I’m playing a little bit more than usual, mostly with friends on jinteki.net, but still cannot decide what decks I will play. I’m expecting a lot of Noise players and PPvP Kate on the runner side, maybe some DLR decks. Corp side there will be tons of various NEH builds (Turtlebacks with Team Sponsorship/Butcher/Standard FA) as well as HB FA.

F: If you could design a card, how should it be?

It would picture a dog or some wolf. It would be good breaker that rips ices apart or is good biting ice.

F: What do you expect for the game in the future?

I hope to have more official tournaments like Chronos Protocol or the Plugged In Tour.

F: There’s a big discussion in the Netrunner’s community, about the terms of competitive-casual play. What are your thoughts regarding that subjects?
This topic doesn’t exist here were I play. We all love the game and play together to have fun. It’s internet trolls I guess.


F: I will leave you then with our Speedrun test! Thanks for taking your time to comment for us!

. Loyalties: Salaryman or Drifter? defo drifter

. Servers: Porous or Secure? porous

. ICE: Cheap’n’Neat or Big’n’Nasty? cheap and nasty please!

. Psy-Game: 0,1,2? 2

. Win Condition: Flatline/Mill or Agenda points? Flatline!

.Favourite card? Fast Track

One tip to run, One tip to corp.

Make a lot smart runs, don’t play solitaire. Observer opponent and his running tendencies, then score naked agendas.

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