What should the “Planetfall Cycle” bring to Warhammer 40k: Conquest?

Hello Warhammer Conquest Fans! Here at our Wednesday of Conquest we have for you the first article by Honk, one of our Conquest experts and Space Marine adept. Enjoy!

Warhammer 40k: Conquest made a huge splash after getting released at Gencon 2014. The game featured a “best of” of mechanics that were used in previous LCGs by FFG as well as brand new things like the command struggle. It is a fun and challenging game which’s strategic component was increased due to new cards released in the “Warlord cycle”. However, over the last three to four months the meta has become stale. Most of the tournaments were won by three top factions (WL):

  • Dark Eldar (Packmaster Kith)
  • Eldar (Eldorath Starbane)
  • Space Marines (Captain Cato Sicarius, and to a lesser degree Ragnar Blackmane)

These factions had a strong showing at most of the regional and national tournaments. Especially Packmaster Kith has to be mentioned as the frontrunner with 5 national wins (out of 12), followed by Eldorath Starbane, Cato Sicarius, and the Tau Warlord Aun’shi with 2 wins each.

whk08-fan1The release of the Great Devourer box that features the new faction of Tyranids will certainly shake up the meta to a certain degree. First test results, published on www.cardgamedb.com, indicate that Tyranids will be a force to be reckoned within the future. However, drastic changes of the overall meta seem unlikely.

Therefore, I will list the five developments I would like to see in the “Planetfall Cycle” that hopefully will change the meta considerably:

  1. Command wins games:
    While the command struggle is a very necessary part of Conquest, I really hope that the dependence on it will be reduced in the “Planetfall Cycle”. Currently most decks include at least 3 x Void pirates and 3 x Promotion and certain factions have a natural advantage in the command struggle. New possibilities to gain cards or resources for factions that are weak at the command struggle would be very nice. Effects that trigger during combat would be an option.
Will the new cycle bring different solutions for the Command Struggle?
  1. Strong focus on low cost curve units:
    The current “top dog” decks have one thing in common. They include mostly units within the range of 2 – 3 costs with a small number of 4 cost units. Elite units do not see play regularly. I hope that the new cycle will diverse the cost curve a little bit and make elite decks an option for competitive play.
  1. Needed erratas:
    The call for errata is a difficult topic. The player base often strongly disagree about what cards should get an errata. While the overall balance of Conquest is quite good, certain cards should be changed. This includes Klaivex Warleader, Orbital City and certain unique attachments. However, an in-deep discussion of possible erratas should be made in a separate post. My hope for the next cycle is that cards of this power level will not be printed.
  1. Focus on existing themes:
    The second cycle will include a new warlord for each faction. While I admire the focus of the design team to give us more options for each faction, I would prefer to gain new cards for existing themes. For example, Urien Rakarth, Old Zogwort, Ku’gath Plaguefather or Torquemada Coteaz would benefit from further options to fill in some blank spots in their deck lists.
  1. More “useful” neutral cards
    While certain neutral cards are used in nearly every deck (Void pirates or Promotion), I would like to see some neutral cards that deal with certain issues in the current meta. For example, an anti-support or attachment card, of course for reasonable prices, would be useful to deal with power unique cards. This could also be a way to balance the game without the use of errata.

These are my hopes for the “Planetfall Cycle”. What do you think about it? Post it in the comment sections below and hit me with all your anger! . Until next time!

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